Anger Management

Do you suffer from uncontrollable ANGER?

Or do you know someone else who does?

Maybe your child has ANGER problems?

Maybe you are the victim of ANGER and need some support?

Uncontrollable ANGER causes so much pain, relationship and marital problems resulting in break-ups, hurt (physically, mentally and emotionally) to partners, friends and loved ones. Unnecessary damage to property and personal items, road rage, loss of trust, fear to others, stress, loss of job or promotion, Loss of CONTROL!

When you lose control you are OUT OF CONTROL!

Mood Breakers will help you….

RECOGNISE, UNDERSTAND AND CONTROL your ANGER, while also helping you combat the pain and anguish that ANGER causes!

Don’t get mad – get help!


Anger Management can truly change your life and those around you!

Book your session now and learn how to control your Anger rather than letting Anger control you!