Be Free…..

Time to feel free….. Life is what you make it!

It does not matter what your life looks like to other people yet we always seek other people’s approval. Their approval does not give your life value.

At times all we want is to fit in and be liked or loved by others, desperate to gain their approval but what we are really doing is creating ourselves so much unnecessary pressure by feeling we have to give more or be more, but where does it end!

If we continue to chase the opinion of others to gain approval, it will go on forever. Life will never change! There will always be more people to impress, feeling we will never be enough, because there will always be a way to find inadequacies, simply because we are searching for them, beating ourselves up, feeling we always have to find a way to prove ourselves!

It’s far too easy to convince ourselves that life must be valuable, special and worthwhile if someone else thinks so! It seems achieving others’ approval is easier than giving ourselvesthe inner respect we deserve.

We need to define our own life. Nobody needs to live inside your life except you.

You need to enjoy who you are. It doesn’t matter if someone else likes you, loves you or if they don’t (because they don’t know you enough for example). It’s about believing in yourself!

The only way to affirm your life is for you to affirm it. If you’re too busy scrambling around for the admiration and approval from others, you have no idea how to create your own life for yourself.

You can create the vision of someone else’s wonderful happy life or you can become aware of your own vision. One road can lead to a never-ending cycle of needing the love of others to feel loved. The other allows you freedom to be and expand and define for yourself what makes you happy about your life.

You won’t ever be enough if you allow it to lie in the hands of others, but if you let yourself be enough now, in this moment and stop needing other people’s approval, then you are free.

When you realise that your happiness and peace of mind was in the hands of strangers, friends, family and loved ones, then you can begin to take it back, piece by piece, until you’re the one in control of your happiness and peace of mind. That’s freedom!

Freedom is not a place; it’s not about giving up responsibility, its actually taking more responsibility of you and your own thoughts and feelings. Freedom is inside of you!

You can either imprison yourself by feeling you need to do more to prove you are worthy or you can free yourself and decide your life is enough right now. You can decide what a happy life looks and feels like and aim to do what you can to create that life for yourself. That’s true freedom.

You only get one life, so make the rest of your life the best of your life!

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