Mood Breakers bust your tantrums

To be great at helping people get through life challenges there has to be an element of compassion and empathy involved between the coach/counsellor and the client.

Nothing new in that.

However, Mood Breakers consultants have experienced many variations of life challenges and recovered feeling empowered and able to share this wisdom.

With everything that goes on around the world along with the constant feed of information via social media and news channels we are facing more violence and disturbances than decades past.

To be stuck with feelings of anger, depression, defeat, and many other upsetting emotions life becomes a hurdle that many feel they cannot handle and everything start escalating out of proportion.

Job, relationship, family, friends, home, livelihood and everything turns upside down when our inner space is in turmoil. This is reflected in actions on the outside.

Life changing actions that can leave you even more defeated and deflated.

It is time to pick yourself up!

There are many ways to do this, for example listening to recordings of empowerment, meditate, learn new skills, or simply find someone who can help you through the tough times as an outsider. Your counsellor/life coach.

Change starts with one person – you!