Reasons to feel good

As 2017 ends and a New Year approaches so many of us are still feeling down, depressed, stressed, angry, sad, lonely, overweight etc but now is the time to start feeling good about yourself!

We are all here for a purpose but we often don’t know and realise what that purpose is. Well it can’t be just to exist? What would be the point? Yet that’s how some of us feel, just an existence, plodding on day after day, stuck in the same cycle and feeling like life is just going by and thinking ‘what is the point?’

Well, there are lots of points. There is something positive in each day but you have to see it and feel it, believe me it’s usually right there in front of you but you just don’t see it because your mind is full of worries and stress, worrying about the ‘what if’s’ and ‘if only’ as well as wishing or dreaming your life away. No harm in wishing and no harm in dreaming, dreaming keeps us going but it shouldn’t stop us seeing what each day has to offer!

We all have a purpose; we all have something special to give and often our dreams can become reality if we take action to make them happen, it obviously has to be realistic, no point in wishing and dreaming of being a millionaire, yes it could happen but the chances of winning a million on the lottery is more just a dream than reality (although many have won). What I am trying to say is start and live your life today, enjoy each moment, seek the good things in each day, they really are there.

We always hope we wake up to enjoy the next day, often taking it as a given that we will be granted the tomorrows but no one is promised tomorrow, we just don’t know but if we do get the tomorrows then that in itself is something to be grateful for. What you need to be thinking is you have your life right now and each day should be lived how you want to live it, happy, healthy and stress free.

Many people suffer in silence but now is the time to speak out and get the help you need to live the life you deserve. It’s about not giving up, not giving in and believing that you can live a happy life.

Time doesn’t stand still for anyone; it goes by so quickly so why live it in misery when you don’t have to?

People with problems go through so much and miss out on happiness and love, continuing on a path that is unfulfilling, miserable and sad.

We all have problems, some a lot worse than others but problems can be solved and it’s how we deal with them that count.

Nothing stays the same, the past has been and gone, dead and buried and that’s where it should stay. The past only lives on if we want it to, if we allow it to. This isn’t about letting the happy memories go, happy memories and good times are what we should always treasure and keep them living on in us and through others but it is those depressed and stressful times, sad and upsetting times we need to let go of, if we keep those feelings alive it just eats us up inside and that’s when we miss out on good feelings and good things around us. We cannot go back in time, we cannot make time up, we cannot change the past but we can change how we live today, each day and every day going forward.

If you are reading this it means you are alive! You have the right to feel good and enjoy life so why not do it today and if its help you need to get there, well you are in the right place!

Today, right now is your time to change your life. Often small changes have a big impact but it is about taking control of yourself, taking control of you! There is never any shame in asking for help.

Today is the day for you to go to the next level and get out of that rut, that unhappy life you have been living, contact Mood Breakers and see that you can move forward in a positive way and leave all those problems in the past to become just a distant memory.

Mood Breakers can help reduce your stress, solve or cope better with your problems, increase your confidence and happiness, get you out of those mood swings, help you recognise, understand and control your anger, help you cope with the loss of a loved one including the loss of a beloved pet, help you with relationship problems or any other concerns you may have that drag you back from living that life you so deserve.

You see when you live each day in misery you are starving yourself of so many good things the world has to offer you. It can feel like you are in an air tight shell not letting anyone in but what you are doing is also not letting yourself out, starving yourself of fresh air, freedom to be you and stopping yourself from being happy!

You just need to reach out and let Mood Breakers help you get there. Give yourself that chance, the opportunity to live the rest of your life and make it the best of your life, it can happen and it can happen today!

3 Replies to “Reasons to feel good”

  1. Really interesting read, makes me think and put my own life into a different perspective.

  2. Great blog! Very motivational and inspiring. Going to take a new step myself and work on my own mindset. Too much negative thinking isn’t good. Thanks Moodbreakers.

  3. Wow! That blog really hit home with me. I do worry too much about what if this and what if that but realise Moodbreaker that you are right. Ive lost too many people around me when it wasnt expected. Time to listen and act! Great motivational blog!