Snow in March

Well here we are first day in March and the country is just a thick blanket of snow!

As beautiful as it is for some people it is fun, picturesque and for others it is a living nightmare.

People who are homeless will not be experiencing the best of times right now, elderly people who live alone, people who already struggle to get around and others who already deal with struggles on a day to day basis in one way or another etc etc the list goes on!

So follow the guidelines in this kind of weather by being prepared if you have to journey out or by staying indoors as much as you can where it is safer and warmer. Whatever you do spare a little thought for those who truly are struggling.

We all go through different problems and stresses in life and some of us cope better than others but no matter what we are going through there is always someone else worse off somewhere else.

Stop worrying about the ‘what ifs’, stop wishing about things you dont have and start thinking about the things you do have and be grateful for those things. Some things in life that we take for granted and are lucky enough to have are what some people will never have!

So stay warm, stay safe and look for the good in each day!

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One Reply to “Snow in March”

  1. I love the snow but you are right, we forget about those who struggle and should spare a thought or offer help to them.