James Westgarth

Hi, I have used Mood Breakers on numerous occasions for counselling and personal development. The therapist Kris is very experienced and knowledgeable and helped me through a range of problems that I was experiencing. I first contacted them in 2013 and was given professional help, guidance and support through a very difficult time. Kris made me feel good about myself again and made me see that life is worth living no matter what the problem that it can be worked out with the right help and support. Then I contacted them again in 2016 when I went through a troubled bereavement and again I received a first class service with excellent support and help that I really needed at that time. So very helpful and can deal with so many situations, real people that really care. I would definitely recommend Mood Breakers to anyone who is going through any of life’s difficulties. You should contact them because their help and support really works, they truly understand and give the right help at a low cost service, brilliant!