CBT – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

We have all been through situations in life at some point (and on many occasions) where we have said or done something before we even know what we are going to say or do! We find ourselves thinking about things before they even happen, worrying about what the outcome may be, already thinking the outcome is going to be how we think it or see it in our own minds and it is not always the case! Sounds complicated but it really isn’t… our brains are wired to protect us from harm but we only too often let our thoughts control our emotions instead of being in control of what we are thinking. 95% of our behaviours are performed through our subconscious mind, all the things that we have been programmed or conditioned to do. Something that once started as a new habit or new routine may have felt uncomfortable or awkward until it became a habit through consistent application of doing it.

Many of our fears, beliefs, bias, phobias etc all stem from our upbringing, childhood experiences (whether negative or positive ones), images, things we have seen, things we have heard etc etc and have stored in our subconscious mind. So when you find yourself being anxious, stressed, or angry for example, there will have been some previous experience that has been created to make you feel and react to some situation, something or someone in the way that you do. Over many years there have been countless studies and research into the human mind and CBT has been discovered to be a very helpful and effective talking therapy that can help change negative thoughts and irrational behaviours.

You see everything starts with a thought, the thought then creates the emotion or feeling through the pictures that you have created in your own mind and the negative words you use, therefore the brain picks them up and works with your body to create that uncomfortable feeling and that feeling/emotion results in the action, behaviour or reaction you have towards something. Our minds can convince us something is real when it really isn’t, just because you think something is real it doesnt mean it is, thoughts are not facts.

The good news is you CAN learn how to change the way you think and the way you feel and behave with CBT.

CBT is very safe, by changing your thoughts you can reduce or eliminate the negative emotions and behaviours that are bad for your well-being. By changing those negative thoughts it will in turn change your feelings and actions/behaviours and help you see situations in a total different light.

CBT helps you identify those negative thoughts – challenges those negative thoughts and replace those negative thoughts with realistic positive ones.

CBT is only a good thing, so if you want to learn more or benefit from CBT contact Mood Breakers and not only see the difference it can make but feel the difference it can make in your life!