Mental Health & Well-being during lock down and isolation

During this lock down and isolation period it is important to look after your mental health and well-being. Following are a few ways to take good care of yourself:

First of all it’s okay to feel overwhelmed or vulnerable at this very unsettling and challenging time with coronavirus. As I mentioned in a previous blog, we are hearing about coronavirus every day, throughout each day, on the news, on the radio, on the internet, in the papers etc. It is everywhere and it is hard to get away from it. It is however important to keep updated but it is also very important to have a break from it, especially if you are a bit of a worrier, experiencing any mental health issues or trauma now or in the past. It is very important to acknowledge your own thoughts and feelings but remind yourself to take care of your physical health as well as your mental health.

It is important to take that break away from the news about Coronavirus. It really isn’t healthy as it can increase worry and anxiety as well as be very upsetting by listening or watching repeatedly about the coronavirus situation and the people suffering or dying from it. Instead try to engage in something different that will lift your spirits – listen to some uplifting happy music that makes you feel good, do some exercises in your house or garden (there are plenty of free workouts and exercise routines on YouTube and the Internet), do some gardening or relax in the garden (fresh air is always good for us as well as listening to the birds etc). You could read a good book, watch a funny film or learn something new, anything to occupy your mind and engage yourself in something different.

Staying connected with others is very important. Just talking with other people during these unsettling times can reduce your anxiety/stress and can help you to stop feeling alone. As we keep hearing on the news, this will pass, we will get through it and it helps when we can get through it with other people – so stay in touch, a daily telephone call is all it takes. If you have access to the internet you can do video links so you can see the people you are connecting with, any connection is better than none at all and you will realise others are feeling very similar to how you are, so get in touch and get talking to each other (but ideally stay off the subject of coronavirus, after all there are plenty of other things to talk about)!  

Avoid speculations and rumours about coronavirus, understandably people do worry and panic in times of uncertainty which can lead to information being misunderstood or incorrectly communicated to others (Chinese whispers), of which can fuel anxiety/stress.

Stay in control of the information you receive, don’t be fuelled by what others tell you about coronavirus and don’t be afraid to tell them you want to talk about something else. If you are worried there is plenty of reliable up-to-date information about coronavirus that you have access to.

Remember to take care of mental health and physical well-being by:

Taking regular exercise

Eat healthy with well-balanced meals (plenty of fruit and vegetables and drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated).

Get plenty of sleep

Avoid alcohol and drugs

Try meditation or deep breathing exercises

Stay positive – this WILL pass and you WILL get through this!

If you do need to talk to someone and feel you don’t have anyone to turn to, Mood Breakers are here to help. You are not alone, don’t suffer in silence!

Come and talk!

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